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We actively contribute to shaping a sustainable future. 

We are convinced of the versatile potential of natural fibres and raw materials. 

Our pioneering spirit helps us to question familiar paths and, in doing so, to reconcile ecology with economy. 

We firmly believe that the future can only work with and not against nature. 


As the centre of an international cross-industry network, we identify potentials for sustainable value creation and build market-oriented supply chains from the agricultural raw materials to the innovative final products. Based on our interdisciplinary know-how, we develop practical key solutions along supply chains and share our knowledge beyond the network’s boundaries.


We adapt natural fibres to suit your applications. 

We initiate, manage, and implement practice-oriented R&D ventures. 

We supply customised natural fibres, semi-finished products, and industrial manufacturing equipment. 

We analyse and evaluate markets, supply chains, and product life cycles. 

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Ecology, environmental protection, agriculture, and raw material processing 


Textile technologies and processing 

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Fibre composites and technologies 

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