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Sachsen-Leinen e.V.

est. 1994

SachsenLeinen GmbH


est. 1997

Who we are.


Sachsen-Leinen e.V. is an expert body for commercial enterprises, research institutions, government institutions, and consumers in the field of cultivating and processing fibre crops, natural fibres, and other renewable raw materials. 

Who we are.


We are a producer and customer-oriented service provider for extraction and refinement of plant fibres and animal wool. 

Our members.


Our members are farming businesses, mechanical engineering companies, processing enterprises, research institutes, and universities. By bringing them together through Sachsen-Leinen e.V., we can pool expertise and cooperate to everyone’s benefit. 

Our team.


Our interdisciplinary team is made up of experts from agriculture, fibre production, (tech-)textile processing, marketing, project management, and agro-ecological research and services. 

What we do.


As a non-profit association, we coordinate local, national, and international joint projects to support new technologies for cultivating, harvesting, and processing fibre plants and animal wool for textile and technical applications as well as refining natural fibres into high-end semi-finished and final products. 

What we do.


We develop, produce, and distribute technology-adapted natural fibres and fibre-based semi-finished products. The focus is on applications in the textile, structural lightweight construction, and building materials industries. Technological challenges in new industries inspire us to expand our product range. 


Our many years of professional experience have repeatedly confirmed that only cross-sector developments from agricultural cultivation to the final product guarantee economic success in the medium to long term. 

Future-oriented approaches with promising prospects for economic success that emerge in our business network are implemented economically by the association members and SachsenLeinen GmbH.  

The company and association share offices in Markkleeberg, Germany. 

Both as a company and as an association, we make an impact beyond national borders. 

Visiting our website, it quickly becomes clear that SACHSENLEINEN is not just about linen in Saxony (as the German name suggests). In fact, we are experts in all natural fibres – active and well connected throughout Germany and internationally.  

So what is the name SACHSENLEINEN all about? A look at our history will provide clarity. Sachsen-Leinen e.V. was founded in 1994 as a cross-ministerial initiative between the Saxon Ministry of Agriculture and the Saxon Ministry of Economics and Labour. The aim was to promote and (re)establish flax cultivation as well as the diverse processing possibilities in Upper Lusatia (Oberlausitz), the Ore Mountains (Erzgebirge) and the Vogtland region through appropriate research and PR activities. Over the years and in the context of changing framework conditions, however, SACHSENLEINEN has successfully expanded its expertise to other natural fibres and other regions/countries.  

While our work will continue to focus on many different natural fibres and diverse locations in the future, we will always feel connected to our roots and, thus, to the name SACHSENLEINEN. 

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