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NF High-Tech+


Innovation cluster and knowledge transfer on natural fibre materials for the high-tech sector – from technical innovation to industrial applications

07/01/2020 - 30/09/2021

Funding Volume:
€ 110.733,34

Funding Body:
Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture (BMEL)

As social awareness towards matters of sustainability is growing, environmentally friendly materials and recycling concepts are gaining in relevance, and bio-based product materials increasingly attract customer interest.

In recent years, there has been considerable progress on innovative processes and technologies for the utilisation of natural fibres in high-performance technical applications. These developments have proven that natural fibre materials are certainly capable of exhibiting high-performance properties in technical fields of application.

Nonetheless, the leap into actual industrial application has yet to be achieved in many cases and a lot of potential remains unutilised.

This is where NF High-Tech+ comes in – an interdisciplinary technology and knowledge transfer aiming to expand the application limits of said processes and technologies by specific, innovative product lines.   

NF-HighTech+ Workshop meets BioFoN.JPG

One focus is effective networking between various actors along the entire value chain in order to develop creative utilisation strategies and tap into synergy potentials.


Within this project, we are organising four workshops, in which we will present current innovations in the field of natural fibre materials for high-tech applications to experts from a wide range of sectors.


  • Workshop 1: Re-thinking natural fibres – 10/29/2020 at the Saxon Textile Research Institute, Chemnitz

  • Workshop 2: Industrial Application – 02/25/2021, fully digital

  • Workshop 3: Textile Applications – 14/06/2021, fully digital

  • Workshop 4: New Mobility Applications – 29/09/2021 at the Technical University Chemnitz

In a methodically guided creative process, we will discuss new options of utilisation in order to derive specific product development needs. We plan to present the resulting innovation strategies to you at our concluding conference, discuss them with you, and put them into practice. This way, we will jointly create the conditions to increase the share of bio-based materials in marketable products in the long run.

The key topics range from classic natural fibres such as flax and hemp to cellulosic regenerated fibres based on fast-growing crops to completely bio-based plastics.


Interested? Please contact us!


Visit the project website for details and regular updates:



M.Sc. Lovis Kneisel

Dipl. Ing. Kay Kölzig

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